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The 23 Fund is a seed fund that invests in businesses founded by entrepreneurs of the Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA Class of 2023

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Create Accessibility to Venture while Supporting Extraordinary Founders

Out with the old, and in with the new. We've broken the status quo to make investing more accessible. Together, we offer dedicated support to the entrepreneurs among us, shared return for our LPs, and a formalized avenue to continue fostering community within the class.

In a Meeting

Unparalleled Support Throughout the Entrepreneurial Journey

We are decisive, hard-working, and dedicated investors. The breadth of our network of Limited Partners (LPs) and dedicated support from our Operating Partners enables us to provide unmatched support to our portfolio companies.  


We Provide More than Funding.

Whether the goal is to enhance digital strategy, expand distribution, or promote innovation, our dedicated team works tirelessly with founders to share their passion and turn ideas into success. 

Decades of expertise from our team, delivering insights that can drive results.

Experience & Expertise

Available whenever, wherever. We're here when you need us most.

Dedicated Support

Leverage the strength of our network to reach customers, build your team, and connect with investors.

Network Access

Join the 23 Fund

Let's transform the world together.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated, and exceptional people who want to challenge the status quo and drive our mission forward.

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